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Antihypertensives, anticoagulants and cholesterol lowering drugs are used by many for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. However, not everybody benefits equally. Some benefit more than average, while others do not. U-Prevent intends to help you and your doctor to make the right decisions on the use of these types of medication. With U-Prevent, you are in control! We recommend that you use U-Prevent together with your doctor. Your doctor can provide your personal health details that are needed to use the calculation tools and help you interpret the calculator’s output. A comprehensive overview of your personal details and results can be printed for you to keep and discuss with your family or friends. Watch the videos below to learn more.
U-Prevent: you are in control
What is cardiovascular disease?
What is cholesterol?
What does a statin do?
Do statins have side-effects?

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