Precision medicine
is our mission

Tailoring cardiovascular disease management to the individual patient

Why U-Prevent?

Many people worldwide are using blood pressure, lipid and antithrombotic medication for prevention of cardiovascular disease. High quality research shows these medication are effective on average. Yet, nobody is average! We aim to help clinicians translate group level evidence to their individual patients.

Our team

U-Prevent is developed by the Vascular Medicine research group of the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands, in close collaboration with various research groups around the world (see below) and is based on data from large cohorts and clinical trials.

Frank L.J. Visseren, MD PhD
Professor of Vascular Medicine, Internist
Yolanda van der Graaf, MD PhD
Professor of Epidemiology
Jannick A.N. Dorresteijn, MD PhD
Resident in Internal Medicine, Epidemiologist
Lotte Kaasenbrood, MD PhD
Resident in Internal Medicine, Epidemiologist
Manon C. Stam-Slob, MD PhD
Resident in Internal Medicine, Epidemiologist
Gijs F.N. Berkelmans, MD
Nicole E.M. Jaspers, MD
Tamar I. de Vries, MD

Financial support

Financial support was obtained from The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw; grant numbers 836011027 and 8360110271), Medcon International BV (unrestricted educational grant), and The Netherlands Heart Foundation (grant number 2016T026).

Webdesign and development

Rens Wiebenga
Nabil Ahami
Frank Boesveld
Front-end developer
Dorine van den Brandhof
Project leader
Rob Schouten
UX/UI Designer
Willem-Jan Wiggers
Scrum master

Research partners

The following institutes / persons have contributed to one or more scientific publications about the U-Prevent risk scores.

Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA: Prof. D.L. Bhatt, Prof. P.M Ridker, Prof. N.R. Cook
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA: Dr. M.J. Blaha, Dr. K. Matsushita
Boston University, USA: Prof. R.B. D’Agostino Sr, Dr. J.M. Massaro
SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn, New York: Prof. J.C. LaRosa
Emory University, Atlanta: Prof. P.W. Wilson
Swedish National Diabetes Registry, Sweden: Prof. S. Gudbjörnsdottir, Dr. A.M. Svensson, Prof. B. Eliasson, Dr. S. Franzén
Bichat University Hospital, Paris, France: Prof. P. Amarenco
Imperial College London, UK: Prof. K.K. Ray, Prof. N. Poulter, Prof. Ph.G. Steg, Dr. A.K. Gupta
University of Edinburgh, UK: Prof. S. Wild, Dr. S. Read
University of Glasgow, UK: Prof. N. Sattar, Prof. P.W. Macfarlane
University College Cork, Ireland: Dr. P.M. Kearney
University of Sydney: Prof. J. Chalmers, Prof. M. Woodward
Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Prof. E.W. Steyerberg
Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Prof. J.J. Kastelein, Prof. R.J. Peters, Dr. S.M. Boekholdt
Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands: Prof. W.J. Jukema, Dr. S. Trompet.
University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands: Prof. Y.T. van der Schouw, Prof. L.J. Kappelle, Prof. G.J. de Borst, Dr. M.J. Cramer, Dr. J. Westerink

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